Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cow Peas

We first worked with crowder peas doing a dinner with Sean at McCrady's. Recently we came across them at the Wrightstown farmers market. They were labeled field peas. They looked so familiar, I thought they might be the delicious crowder peas we worked with years ago. Using the internet to identify them, I believe we purchased Knuckle Purplehull Southern Peas. They were time consuming to peel though our, and when I say our I mean Aki's, efforts were rewarded. The peas were tender and had a clean green flavor. We cooked them with a light soffrito enriched with canned tomatoes and BBQ sauce. The peas matched well with the bold flavors. They became tender and creamy as they cooked. The grassy notes softened and a delicate sweetness came through. It was exciting to discover them at our local market and we can't wait to see what we can pair them with next.

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