Thursday, March 7, 2013

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie, it's a fabulous name for a cake. It evokes visions of sponge cake or doughnuts, bursting with custard and dripping with chocolate glaze. It's a cake I've long hungered to make. So when a family birthday came up and a Boston Cream Pie was requested I was all over it. I was researching sponge cake recipes and decided to go for broke, making one enriched with butter so it was slightly less light and hopefully slightly more delicious. Then I debated pastry cream or pudding, leaning heavily towards the pudding camp until Alex pointed out that many pastry creams are actually made with cornstarch or tapioca so the two ideas were actually interchangeable. Problem solved. I converted the burnt sugar pudding from our first book into a vanilla pudding thickened with a combination of cornstarch and tapioca pudding. Finally I made a bittersweet chocolate ganache to pour over the top. We added a few extra layers of custard and cake but the ganache is so intense that it should all balance out. Next time we'll take the time to make the cake layers gluten free so we can use the recipe for our next book.

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